EPISODE 08/13/05

This week, the Geeks talk about geek-haters, people who hate role playing games, video games, and all things geek. We also christen this the "offend all peoples" episode, where we inadvertantly try to piss off the whole world.

I Was Hooked on D&D
Church Vs. LOTR RPG
Exposing Satanism.org
D&D and Brainwashing
Harry Potter - a New Twist on Witchcraft
Burn Potter Burn! or Deprograming in Russian

Harry Potter? What Does God Have To Say?

Urine Powered Battery
Man Dies After 50 Hr Video Game Binge
Which is Better, Google or Yahoo?
Spider Silk Gene Found
Quantum Information Can be Negative
Harry Potter at Guantanamo
Viking Ship Built with 15milion Ice Cream Sticks
Man Dies after Sex with Horse
NASA's New Tricorder

Games of the Occult

Music: Aarons Apple loops