EPISODE 08/27/05

This week, the Geeks talk about World of Warcraft, the blockbuster epic MMORPG. We break down what's working, and what isn't, what are our favorite races are, character classes, quests, and where we think MMORPG's are going in the future.


US Air Force System Hacked Into; Records of 33,000 Employees accessed
TV's Red Dwarf Beams onto Mobiles
China Plans Unmanned Moon Mission by 2007
Cadaver Exhibit
Billboards Beam Adverts to Cell Phones
Insurers Fret over Gadgets
ABC Sued Over "Lost"
New X-Box Pricing
Drug Offsets Sleep Deprivation
Google Vs. Yahoo Study Challenged


Google Labs
Geeks on a Rampage
Star Wreck

Music: Aarons Apple loops