EPISODE 09/26/05

This week, in preparation for the release of Joss Whedon's new film Serenity, we bring you our Firefly episode, where we discuss the TV series that the movie was based on. Our special guests include Lisa Lassek, the Associate Producer of the TV show, and the lovely Christina Hendricks who played the Femme Fatale Saffron.

O.C, the Video Game
Superman, the New Movie
Military Attack Dolphins Escape in Hurricane Rita
Plasma Pencil
Hollywood Markets to Churches
Warcraft Plague

TIVO Breaks Device, Then Chages You For It.
New Breed of Corrupt Bittorrent

Lego Firefly
Firefly RPG

Firefly Fan Sites


Top 50 Sci-fi Shows of all Time

Music: Aarons Apple loops