EPISODE 11/16/05

This week, the Geeks discuss the Geek Cars - Knight Rider, Air-Wolf, Time-travel, we've got it all! We also discuss what we are Geek-thankfull for.

Our special guest is the proverbial "girl next door," (Geek Peter's next door neighbor growing up) and a Genetic Counselor, a new career in the medical field, she is one of only about 3000 in the US.

Sony Root Kit
New Fuel Source
X-box 360 Backwards Compatibility

South Park take on Scientology
Legendary Spy Magazine Article on Scientology
Doctors Baffled as HIV Man 'Cures' Self

Classic TV Shows on Internet?
Software Predicts Music Success
Google Searches used in Murder Case

How the Death Star Works
Our Universe, to Scale
Sexy Stormtrooper!

Vassal - Online Board Game Engine

Gravity - the Game!

Music: Aarons Apple loops