EPISODE 12/08/05

This week, the Geeks discuss RPG's, and DM'ing a game. Don breaks it down, and gives some rules on how to run an enjoyable, and exciting campaign.

Mediafamily Says ESRB Sucks
ESRB Says Mediafamily Sucks
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Russian Squirrel Pack Kills Dog
Can Online Content Remain Free?
Florida Man Shot Dead in Airport
Serenity Sequel
Restoration of Rankin & Bass's Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer
Marquette Suspends Dental Student for Blog Comments
Audacity Recorder Upgrade
Google Ten Golden Rules

8 Year Old Kid Recorded Arguing With Mother While Playing Video Games!

Lux - Risk Type Online Game!

Vassal - Online Board Game Engine

Gravity - the Game!

Music: Aarons Apple loops