EPISODE 02/02/06

This week, the Geeks recap the year in games, giving you their best and worsts for 2005. We talk about best characters, visual design, and storytelling. We also give you our "geek punchlines". Hey, they can't all be gems.


Star Trek Video Games
Arkham Horror Expansion
Runebound Expansion
Museum Shoelace Trip Shatters Three Ming Vases
Asians Carry Gene for Dry Earwax
Spacecraft Pictures of Aurora
3D Holophonic Surround Sound
Canadian Beavers Invade Argentina
No More Booth Babes at E-3?
Good Omens Movie Back on Track

Top Ten Viral Videos of 2005
War Gamer Frapper Map
Gamer Widow
Imperial Che Video

Music: Aarons Apple loops