EPISODE 02/08/06

This week is the Geek parody episode. We talk about the best and worst parody movies, which movies are parodies that you might not expect, what makes a parody different from a satire, and what makes a cross-genre movie different from both. Get it all here on Geeks On!

Firefly Season 2 on Ipod?
PS3's Xbox Live Killer
Slaver Wasps Actually Exist
Myths About Exercise
Dept. Homeland Security: Ever Vigilant Against Vegan Menace
Man Wrecks 3 Ching Vases
"Wizard" Gives Real Life Quests
Decline in Spyware
Cell Phone Tracking on the Rise
The Next X-Prizes: DNA, Nanotech, Autos, and Education

Real People as Manga Characters
Donate to Maraton Runner
Top Ten Viral Videos of 2005
War Gamer Frapper Map
Gamer Widow
Imperial Che Video

Music: Aarons Apple loops