EPISODE 02/19/06

This week the Geeks break open the topic of alternate reality in movies, TV, books and video games. We define what differentiates alternate reality from genre pieces, such as straight Sci-fi, or fantasy, and talk about the mini-genres of Alternate Reality itself.

We also do our Movie-Mix-Up game, where we discuss creating new movies from two old movies that sound alike.

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OS X vs 360
Tabletop Nuclear Fusion
Cheney Hunting Accident
Aussie Tourist Charged With Assaulting "Phone Talker" During Movie
Gamers are as Good as Bilinguals at Solving Some Problems
The Secret Cause of Flame Wars
Websites Fight "Overbearing" Proof of Age Rules For Porn Performers

Many Worlds Interpretation

Marvel Modern Continuum
Multiverse (DC Comics)
Infinite Crisis
DC Alternate Universe Timeline

Real People as Manga Characters
Manufacturing and Marketing Your
Own Game

Ill Advised Children's Toys

Music: Aarons Apple loops