EPISODE 03/15/06

The Return of the GEEKIES! You've seen the Oscars, now get the scoop on the best movies of 1995 from the Geek Perspective. We break down our top five movies, worst movies, and have a general discussion about the state of movies this year.

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Death of Octavia Butler
X-Box Live "Gold Weekend"
Erection Keeps Burglar out of Jail
Researcher Develops "Tricorder" for Mars Mineral Readings
Prostitutes in Brazil Start Radio Station
Google Mars
"Left Behind" Games Being Made
Buying Mice with Genetic Defects
"Chef" from South Park Quits!
Fossil Rises from its Grave
Dark Crystal 2 Update

Movie Grosses
Live Action Simpsons
Dragon's Landing Podcast
Google Mars
Caylus (New Great Boardgame)
Spore Promo
Awesomely Addicting Game
Bloodrayne Interview
Comic Book on Copyright Law

How to Build a Glowing Throne from 4,000 AOL CD's

Music: Aarons Apple loops