EPISODE 03/29/06

This week, the Geeks explore the question: Is the Blockbuster movie dead?

George Lucas claimed in a recent interview that the Blockbuster Movie is on the decline and will be dead by 2025, replaced by small independent films. Is the recent 8% decline in box office, and the huge sweep by independent films at the Oscars a sign of things to come, or is there another, more rational explanation? The Geeks tear into this topic, and others.

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Chinese Propaganda MMORPG
Lord of the Rings Musical
Star Wars TV Series
Pentagon Plans Cyber-Insect Army
Starcraft Ghost Postoned
PsOne Emulator for PsP
Sixty-Two Year Old Woman Gives Birth
250 Year Old Tortoise Dies
Man Coughs up Nail 35 Years After Accident

The Murloc Game
Warcraft Movie #1
Warcraft Movie #2

Goblins Online Comic
Google Earth & Nat. Geographic
Movie Grosses
Live Action Simpsons
Dragon's Landing Podcast
Caylus (New Great Boardgame)
Spore Promo
Splash-Back Game

Music: Aarons Apple loops