EPISODE 06/22/06

This week is the Geeks discuss Geek addictions. Card games, video games, and other geek hobbies are explored and analyzed, as we talk about when obsessions become compulsions.

Also in this episode: Technobabble!

"Ensign Johnson is in trouble again. He's become addicted to Hydroxian Quasarks, a very rare and expensive drug that has a side effect of bestowing nearly godlike omnipotence on its users. Now he's now run out, and started going through painful withdrawal, becoming enraged and turning his powers on the rest of the crew and your ship. How do you resolve the situation before he decides to end his own misery by ripping apart your ship and jettisoning your entire crew into outer space?"

Technobabble your way out of this one!

We also catch up on some Geek mail, and answer all of your Geek questions! Get it all here and more on Geeks On!

Apple to Sell Movies on Itunes
Coffee Protects From Radiation
Battlestar Season 2 Score Released
Implanting Magnetic "6th Sense"
Robotic Skin Under Development
New Conan Movie!!!
Real Life Superhero
Cell Phone Adults Can't Hear
Cleopatra and the Society of Architects

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Superhero Religions

Warcraft and Coke in China!

E-3 Games
Assassin's Creed
Age of Conan
The Rule of Rose
The Witcher
Battle for Middle Earth
Spore Promo

Goblins Online Comic
Caylus (New Great Boardgame)
Splash-Back Game

Music: Aarons Apple loops