This week is our Superman episode. First (**SPOILER ALERT**) we give you our review of Brian Singer's new movie Superman Returns, and then we talk about what makes Superman so different from the rest of the superhero universe, and how this creates both the enduring love of superman, and the persistent difficulty writing interesting and compelling stories for him.

We also have a few of our special, homemade, geek-limericks for you! Get it all here and more on Geeks On!

Microsoft Ipod Killer?
Nintendo Gift to Bush
Offensive PSP Billboard Ad
Electricity Gives Life to Celophane
New Breed of Supermosquitos
Magnetic Floating Bed
Bone Marrow Cures Heart Damage

10 Body Myths

Facts and Tips
Testimonials (read discussion section)

Superhero Religions

Warcraft and Coke in China!

E-3 Games
Assassin's Creed
Age of Conan
The Rule of Rose
The Witcher
Battle for Middle Earth
Spore Promo

Goblins Online Comic
Caylus (New Great Boardgame)
Splash-Back Game

Music: Aarons Apple loops