This week is our Geeks on Crime and Punishment in Sci-Fi Episode. We tackle everything from lobotomies to brain washing exploring its treatment in movies like Clockwork Orange to TV shows such as Star Trek, to all your favorite Sci-Fi novels.

We also take some time to read some of your geek mail - see what your fellow listeners love and hate about the show!

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Fossils Reveal Killer Roos and Demon Ducks

Tumor Makes Man into a Pedophile
32nd Annual Origins Awards
Paper Clip for House
Science Tests Telepathy
MIT Creates Web Based Optics
Dude, it's Daredevil

The Tick DVD

Starwars Links
Vader Sessions
Vader of the Opera
Star Wars Phantom Menace Spoof

Half Life 2 Portal Trailer
Lord of the Rings

10 Body Myths
Superhero Religions

Goblins Online Comic
Caylus (New Great Boardgame)
Splash-Back Game

Music: Aarons Apple loops