Just one of the halls.

The new hot news woman on G-4.

And they said there wouldn't be Booth Babes.


Luminies on the 360??!!!

Finally my PSP will be able to hold several movies.

PS3 game.

Songs they have so far.

Crazy video card game for the PS3 and eye toy.

Wireless Driving Wheel for the Xbox 360 coming this fall.

Aaron, Dazed and Confused.

"Say hello to my Little Friend!" Scarface set at E-3!


Part of Aaron's E-3 video on a 360 degree screen.

God of War II

God of War II

As close as we ever got to the Wii.

Fighting game body sensors.

Dylan in strange gaming chair.

$1500? Yeah, right.

Cool face tracking software.

Third party Guitar Hero controllers.

Poor Girls.

Chrome... whatever that is.

Dead Rising, this looks like a lot of fun!


Don at Conan Booth

Don's a Ham!

Apparently these Boothbabes didn't get the Memo.

Hula Girl and her Flaming Side-kick

The new Lord of the Rings X-Box 360 Realtime Strategy Game


Mortal Kombat Armageddon - Design your own characters.


I'm not sure what she's selling... but who really cares?

I'm staring at the gun... yeah... the gun!

Our take on the shadowrun game.

This is the Illidan, the character that Matt does the voice for!